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This web site is no longer the primary vehicle for up to date system news. News and announcements are frequently made on the PARC Net, Wednesdays at 7pm local time on the 147.105 repeater. Effective August 18, 2015, the primary source of up to the minute repeater news will be the new N1BUG Repeaters Facebook group. Important announcements may be posted on this web site from time to time, but primarily this is for system information that does not change often.

Repeater News
August 18, 2015   Effective immediately, the primary source of up to date repeater news will be the N1BUG Repeaters Facebook group. This web site will remain as a repository of system information and will be updated periodically. I will do my best to post important system news here but keeping up with the editing required to do so has proven to be a challenge. I prefer to spend my time working to improve the repeaters or on other projects. Facebook takes the work out of it and also provides a forum for interation between repeater owner and repeater users. -Paul, N1BUG

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