2007 Tower Project

This page is left up for historical purposes and for the views from the tower. This antenna failed less than one year after installation. It became too noisy for use in a duplex system.

In October 2007, long overdue replacement of the aging 147.105 antenna and extension of the tower became a reality. The tower was extended from 53 feet to 95 feet, and the Phelps Dodge Super Stationmaster antenna replaced with a Sinclair SRL235-2 (SD235-2) dipole array.

I had this figured for a two or three day project if weather didn't cause delays. As things turned out it took considerably longer with weather delays and some minor construction glitches. Special thanks to Ben, Terry and Ray for assistance with the project, George for landowner liason, and of course Tom Conklin for the use of the site.

The Completed Tower Project

The tower with antennas

New 147.105 Antenna

Finishing up the project

The antenna is finally up!
Note the backstay (guy wire) on the gin pole
This antenna is 20 feet long and weighs 80+ pounds

Tower Monkey ascending

Preparing to remove the gin pole

Views from the tower








That is the rope later used to lift the antenna

Looking Down

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