2012 Tower Project

In September/October 2012, having recently reorganized our collaborative efforts on the repeater, we upgraded the tower guying and installed a new Telwave antenna. Thanks to the entire crew who helped, and to Piscataquis County EMA for providing the antenna. This was a big project.

Messing With the Ground

Dig holes - Tom Conklin running the machine with Terry, N1RCU observing (PARC photo)

No matter what gets in the way! (PARC photo)

Build forms and put in anchors - Ben, WA1PBR and Terry, N1RCU (PARC photo)

Pour concrete - Terry, N1RCU and Gary, KB1ROS (PARC photo)

Back fill - Ben, WA1PBR, George, WA1JMM, and Patrick, KB1VTC (PARC photo)

Preparing the Tower

Remove old antenna and tower top - Paul, N1BUG, our Tower Monkey (PARC photo)

Haul up a new top section - Gary, KB1ROS (PARC photo)

Bolt it in place (PARC photo)

Redo the tower guying (no pictures available!)

Dance with some feedline - Ben, WA1PBR and Paul, N1BUG(PARC photo)

Haul it up and secure it (PARC photo)

Raising the Antenna

Ready to start pulling it up (PARC photo)

On the way up (PARC photo)

It's up! (PARC photo)

105 feet up, to be exact (PARC photo)

Remove the gin pole, connect feedline, and there you have it! (PARC photo)

Last update February 6, 2013

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